General information

We accept submissions year round, with acceptances taking place quarterly. We compensate authors fairly and equally around $100 (Canadian) per acceptance, contingent on available funding and categorical genre (i.e. fiction, non-fiction, or poetry). We happily encourage multiple submissions, simultaneous submissions, and returning contributors.

All submissions must be previously unpublished; we reserve only first publication rights, and request acknowledgement for any subsequent, future appearances, as per your prerogative. Furthermore, if your simultaneous submission is accepted elsewhere, kindly notify us at your earliest convenience.

Short fiction

We seek fiction ranging from 1000–5000 words, whether short story, excerpt, epistolary, theatre, interview, prose poem, among others. We tend to accept fiction that exhibits technical mastery of literary device, genre, or verisimilitude.


We prefer to publish verse poetry of 12–40 lines, albeit we remain open-minded to submissions of fewer and greater verses. Without demanding observance to any particular brand of formalism, we solicit poems that elicit emotional response and critical reflection.


We are proud to see non-fiction into print, chiefly in the form of essays between 1500–5000 words broaching political, historical, or sociological topics, but not excluding submissions of literary criticism, polemic or satire.


Reading and acceptance

Submissions are assessed for length, suitability, and plagiarism upon receipt. We begin full, deep readings following the quarterly submissions deadline, which is accessible from our home page. Then, we independently suggest to one another a certain number of selections per category, subject to the volume we receive and the overall length we deem feasible for the next print edition. We discuss until we reach consensus and send acceptance followed by payment via Paypal, e-transfer, or cheque. Finally, we begin to edit.


Primarily referencing The Canadian Style: A Guide to Writing and Editing for spelling and punctuation, we commence the first round of editing where we heavily redline and commentate each document. Next, we resolve any internal debate and reach out to the contributor for any additional commentary or clarification as needed to revise their work. Lastly, we enter a three-tier finalization process where we source facts, double check spellings, judge consistency in tone, style and linguistic register, and proceed to consolidate each individual submission into a single file to prepare for printers.


Once the new edition arrives, authors receive a complimentary copy by mail and the remaining copies are distributed via Amazon. We sell to the United States and Canada, although international readers can contact us to organize international shipping independent of Amazon.